April Cleaver is a major character for the first three books in the John Wayne Cleaver Series by Dan Wells. She is the mother of the main protagonist, John Cleaver.

She is portrayed by Laura Fraser in the film adaptation

Biography Edit

April was running an undertakers business in the small town of Clayton with her twin sister Margaret when she met Sam Cleaver. She married Sam, who was also an undertaker, and continued to run the family business with her sister and husband. She had two children with Sam, Lauren and John before their divorce when John was seven, six years before the events described in I Am Not A Serial Killer.

April loves and attempts to care for both of her children, despite John's difficulties and Lauren now living away from home. She is close to her sister and gets on well with her.

John's preoccupation with death and serial killers bothers her and she supports John seeing a therapist and works with him on his "rules" when he can no longer see the therapist. She tries to control and supervise John's access to the dead bodies she deals with as part of her job.

Death Edit

Killed byEdit

After Nobody jumps inside her, April then says "I love you" to John, before jumping into his burning car, she, along with Nobody, are killed