Bill Crowley, real name Mkhai, is the antagonist of I Am Not A Serial Killer, the first book in the John Wayne Cleaver Series by Dan Wells.

He is portrayed by Christopher Lloyd in the film I Am Not A Serial Killer.


At first Bill Crowley just seems to be John's next door neighbor but in the process of trying to find the Clayton Killer John discovered Bill Crowley was really a demon named Mkhai. Mkhai is a Withered, an ancient demon who is occupying the body of Bill Crowley. Mkhai manages to live thousands of years because he has the ability to move from body to body as his current one gets old and begins to fail. He runs into serious problems when Mkhai meets, and then falls in love with, the human woman Kay Crowley.

I Am Not A Serial KillerEdit


Killed byEdit

While trying to attack John and his mom, John stabs him in the chest with a trocar, connects it to a pump, and then turns it on, sucking Crowley's organs out, killing him

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Bill Crowley appears in both the book and the film.

Trivia Edit

  • Mkhai lacks an identity he has to steal other people's bodies to survive.