Mary Gardner, real name Agarin[1], is a minor antagonist in the The Devil's Only Friend.


Like the other Withered, she became immortal by giving up something of herself, in her case her health. As a result, she easily contracts multiple diseases, which she has to give away to another individual with a weak immunitary system (like children) in order to live.


Killed byEdit

After infecting Potash with an unknown disease (that might have been pneumonia), John stabs her mutiple times in the back, killing her.[2]

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Trivia Edit

  • Numerous times throughout the book, Mary Gardner is nicknamed Typhoid Mary, in reference to the infamous name given to the historical Mary Mallon, an American woman who spread typhoid fever to at least 53 other people while refusing to believe she carried the disease at all, because she never became sick from it herself (in biology/epidemiology, this is known as an "asymptomatic carrier", i.e. carries the disease but shows no symptoms of it).

References Edit

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