Rack is the main antagonist of the fourth book of the John Wayne Cleaver Series


He is referred as the king of the Withered, being so old that his name is the origin behind the words in Indo-European languages for "king" and other similar titles.[1]

It is revealed that he, and another named Ren, were the ones that first "came up" with the plan of turn into Withered, thousands of years ago [2]. Giving something up in exchange for eternal life, Rack gave up his heart, trachea and mouth, leaving behind a hole that continuously pours black grease, or "soulstuff".


Killed byEdit

After being informed by Nathan that Rack is on his way, John kills Nathan and then embalm his body with gasoline. Rack, only being able to communicate through dead bodies mouths, taking their heart in the process, dies poisoned after taking Nathan's heart.[3]

Killed VictimsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Rack lacks a heart and voice. He has to steal the hearts to survive and only then can he talk out loud and even then only with the mouth and voice of his victim.

References Edit

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